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What Is Privilege?

Privilege starts with an assumption.The idea that you will always be given the benefit of the doubt. You can be a heinous POS but because of the color of your skin you will always be assumed to be bigger, faster, smarter, and better.

Take the eloquence of President Obama compared to the brash countenance of 45. Regardless of the speech writers prowess and capabilities, the cadence and vernacular of their deliveries is disproportionately abysmal. One can make an argument for their ideas of a dynamic speaker, depending on the audience. What moves you? Unity or separation? Love or hate? Equal or superior? Whatever it is that stirs your soul, causes it to catch fire, we can all agree that the messenger has to be prolific enough to ignite that spark. But the eloquence of President Obama vs. that of 45 is always up for debate. There is no debate with me. Even prior to the presidency his, his communication style was not endearing to me. But for some the color of his skin gives the assumption of him being bigger, smarter, better than the average black man. But we now know this to be false.

Privilege exists, it's real.

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