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No More Hoods, Show Your Faces

No More Hoods…Show Your Faces

How do you tone check Black people specifically Black women? Ban a poem written by one…with no context as to why! Then, confuse her with OPRAH WINFREY.

Amanda Gorman’s inaugural poem The Hill We Climb has been banned by Miami Fl school because of the objection of 1 parent who ironically confused her with OPRAH WINFREY, talk about saying the quiet part out loud. Tone policing checking is one of the biggest micro aggressions I struggle with. I am honest and direct. Now that’s not to say I will TELL you anything other than what I want you to know. But working around people being perceptive, I can spot a lie and a liar.

One of the BIGGEST reasons why I hesitate to teach is:

1) NURSING SCHOOL is a business

2) Micro and Macro Aggression from students staff and faulty


There is no accountability with these students; many of them have been coddled, raised with a very narrow view of right and wrong, and integrity is laughable. I’ve never seen so many deflections and attempts to manipulate feelings via tears. I told one student if I cry it means I’m ready to fight. The tears dried up as if the faucet shut off. She looked at me and said, “YOUR tears wouldn’t work any way mine always work for me.” I told her, “your parents did you a disservice they should’ve told you to not only cry but fall out with a tantrum”. She stared for 5 seconds and told me I was mean. I chuckled and I said not at all tears don’t move me for that very reason. Integrity and our word is all many Black people have because we most certainly know we don’t have the BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT. Especially when it comes to tears, White women and our proximity to either.

I had a co worker BLATANTLY lie on me and I called it out in a TEAMS CHAT with PROOF of the lie; many of you know I’m very direct when necessary. But fair. I will not lie for you or on you and as long as you are upfront and do your job, I don’t pay you much personal attention. At any rate other coworkers called it out as well. It was insinuated by an anonymous source that me calling out the lie was toxic and hostile. You can’t tone check written words and you can’t tone check me; I am flat and monotone on purpose. And if I get excited then we’re about to GO MONO A MONO cause YOUVE crossed a line.

But these micro/macro in academia has caused a very subtle sentiment to swim, if I cry and go to admin they’ll make them change my grade. I’ve seen this happen to many of my Black colleagues. You continue the sentiment that Black people, especially women, have no right or governance over White people who haven’t been taught to be inclusive and accepting and most importantly to have accountability. Once it starts at home, continues in academia, what do you think will happen in the workplace? The same. Trust me the same.

And this beautiful poem of hope now has a stain of hate and evil has allowed faith to convert to fascism. Banning a very inclusive poem written by a Black young lady sends an ugly message and I don’t want some fascists’ FAITH running this country. I don’t want the God these evil people claim to pray to subjugating himself in our laws, schools, our bodies. This is the same GOD that kept people enslaved for 243 years. Poly theism was stripped beat murdered from Ancestors. And monotheism forced upon them and kept them captive for far too long.

If DESANTIS AND MUSK and any of their ilk are voted into office then this tells me that White Supremacy will run this country, that white supremacy is the general sentiment that is to be pushed and this country wants to go backwards and not towards a better future for us all. And NO MAN is superior to any other based upon the SOCIAL CONSTRUCT of RACE. Skin color doesn’t make your moral compass superior to mine, doesn’t make you a better parent, it doesn’t make you a better employee.

If the Tops Massacre (Buffalo, NY) has taught us nothing, the 10 people who lost their lives, were VERY FINE PEOPLE TOO. The media would’ve loved to highlight criminal pasts, parking ticket violations, school house fights but 10 people at a Urban Supermarket lost their lives due to white supremacy ideology, fascism, racism, and policies such as red lining and White flight. And we will loose this country to the same.

And for many of you who are uncomfortable because we and hopefully our ALLIES are speaking out, this country has given many of you free speech without consequence. So what you really feel is shame for allowing this to continue at your dinner table your family picnics and conversations with the racist you married. And that racist makes your proximity suspect and hopefully your kids more determined to be ANTI RACIST because they know better. I still believe Children are our future. With fingers crossed and bated breath.

So the Black people are racist really translates to: Why can’t they just pretend like it’s not happening and be silent and know their place instead of calling my family members out. I had a patients son try to hit me and some were more offended that I wanted his access restricted then the fact that he tried to hit me. The patriarchy’s misogyny and misogynoir won that fight. But remember if you are a Bible thumper “the meek shall inherit the earth.” And Black Indigenous People of Color and our Allies may seem meek…but salvation will be ours.

Please donate to Amanda’s fundraiser to support “penamerica” that helps to protect literature in the US and around the world.

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