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Updated: Feb 28, 2021

I put a lot of thought into my first published book, The Black Professional's Guide: How To Navigate White Privilege In The Workplace.

What I don't want people to think is that it's a "woe is me tale" of how I've been done wrong. Absolutely NOT! There are nuances to corporate America that many, not just people of color, are not familiar with. If you were bought up in a blue collar home or perhaps in difficult circumstances, how would you know what is expected of you? READING YOUR CORPORATE HANDBOOK IS A START! But again, this is only the beginning. Certain biases, preconceived stereotypes are going to plague you no matter how great a worker, no matter how knowledgable you are. How to do you circumvent this? How do you not become disillusioned or despondent? You read my book! The Black Professional's Guide To Navigate White Privilege.

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