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Naw...I’m the Nurse Practitioner

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Yesterday I wore a uniform to work. It was too cold to be all dressed up. I went to the gym and checked in. The young lady, of Indian descent, says oh you’re getting off work...where do you work. I told her to which she replied...Oh are you a PCA...(personal care aid). (Insert side eye)

Although all jobs are essential and I love the CNAs I work with, I had to let her know....

Naw baby...haven’t been one of those in DECADES...that was nursing school, I’m a Nurse Practitioner. Again those of you who know me know I NEVER add the practitioner unless needed.

I don’t know about the glass ceiling being “shattered”, it’s cracked for sure but VP Harris should’ve been a symbol of hope for HER too. But I couldn’t possible be HIGHER than her??? After all, she was in SCRUB TECH school. Some assumptions of superiority are INHERENT...hence privilege.

So can we stop saying the glass ceiling is shattered? It’s CRACKED...micro aggressions, assumptions, stereotypes will continue until it’s NORMAL that we are EQUAL OR HIGHER!

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