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A garden for a rose

Updated: Jan 31, 2021


Many of you may not even know who Marva Collins was but Ms. Tyson portrayed her and we sat glued to the TV watching that made for TV movie...she wasn’t a maid, a nanny but a real life teacher who cared...and she looked like ME.

Oh we had Miss Woods...y’all remember Miss Woods? PS #53...the glorious days. Until bussing. Right to Black Rock Academy where angry faces protested the mere idea of black children invading their confines. And this was the 80’s!

Well Marva Collins lit that was okay to be smart and black. And Ms Tyson’s portrayal made it real for me.

*********Poem********* no title. Not quite done.

And for a job well done, I bow to you and bask in the glorious legacy of your PRESENCE here on earth.

Though we’ve never met, we will, in a place beyond the sun, where clouds bounce and collide, where snow peaked mountains run jagged across the sky.

Marva Collins...I dreamed of a teacher such as that

Excited to teach, committed to reversing the stigma, to be smart and black?

No we’re no enigma, tangible beings we are

You helped me to SMART it up and NOT dumb it down

That portrayal ignited, instilled in me to be Black, bright, female most unapologetically

We’ll meet you and I

Queen Tyson

I’ll sit at your feet and let your life stories fascinate me

were you Billy’s muse,

the reason for Miles blues,

was Pryor really that funny,

Roots? Still leaves me in awe, angry, raw

Queen TYSON, I’ll re-live your regal journey led by the honied rasp of your voice.

Enthrall me with tales of being black, beautiful outstanding but limited with choice

But the legacy, stellar, no compromise

At least not to the naked eye

Queen Tyson, Black Excellence, royalty if you will, THANK YOU, I curtsey deep, my head at your feet

Flowers? A bouquet will never do!

For your SERVICE

GARDENS to you...

Rest well, job well done. Queen.

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