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Soul....Jamie Foxx is a National Treasure! Souls? Have NO color.

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Ok I was sent an editorial by my “little sister” Alicia Northington and it was someone Blah Blah blah-ing about Soul...that wonderful Pixar movie, for children or adult children. (Points at self😊) Jamie Foxx is a NATIONAL TREASURE! Thank goodness for all 1500 Wayans family members! In Living Color gave us some of our finest comedic talent...Jamie, Jim Carey, Rosie Perez (she’s a great actress with an annoying BK accent, PR Fran Drescher) and grudgingly, even J-Lo. Not so good of an actress but her ass-ets are good for 50!

The premise of the editorial was the blue “souls” and how people of color need more or better representation in animated films. All because the “souls” were blue? Huh? This person wants people of color to stop being represented by animals or things ie.., The Princess and the Frog and “blue” souls.

The Princess and the Frog? A fairytale by the Brothers Grimm who ironically were the first “horror writers” that I read. Nothing fairy about their tales. But I’m assuming this person is either too young to be familiar with fairytales or was reaching for a concept that just didn’t make sense. And colorless souls? Mmmmm k? (Insert side eye)

****Everybody wants to be WOKE. But sometimes you can be so woke you really sleep on concepts, life****

The issue of turning black people into “things”. The blue SOULS; they weren’t people “they were souls”. Souls have no color, no substance, that’s why when released on Earth to find their “purpose” the took the form of Any BODY they entered. Thus becoming any BODY. (Subliminal message is that we are all souls; mystical vapors able to morph into flesh and thus become a “person”).

Blue is a primary color and can be used as the base for other colors. If the souls had been “white” people would’ve colorized that, if they were “black” then it would’ve been...”why does it have to be a “black” soul”. Black is evil you’re sending a message (more blah blah blah)People who are linear and conceptualize a CHILDRENS movie, need to not try to be so “woke”. Catatonic just trying to be relevant with some far reaching, attempt to sound PROFOUND. Stop it! In the words of Spike Lee WAKE UPPP!

Ok....enough of me. My “soul” is moving me to watch mindless TV. Pretty Little Things. Netflix.

I’ve seen The Queens Gambit like 10 times (no BS) and Soul 4 times....

Negativity Blockers Up!

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Queens gambit was totally amazing 💯✅

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