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S.J. Brown's Debut Book...

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Passionate, humorous, and supportive advice born of twenty two years of experience

Her Story

S.J. Brown has always been in love with the written and spoken word. She had her first poem printed in her city’s now defunct newspaper, The Courier Express. She has performed her original poems as spoken word performances, as well as written short stories for years before deciding to try her hand at a published work. 

Growing up in an era when schools were officially becoming desegregated in her city, she has learned the hard way to not “get in the way” and to watch and learn people.

As a 22-year professional of the corporate world, S.J. Brown has taken everything she’s learned from working with other people and placed them into a book that will humorously enlighten readers on how to conduct themselves when in a diverse workplace.


She has been an avid observer and an informed student of life’s lessons that come with working with people from all over the world. As a people person and lover of life, she uses every scenario, good or bad, and turns them into ways to laugh at herself and other people. Today, she is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practioner who loves writing and her family. She is not one who takes herself or other people too seriously, because life is too short! 

The Debut Collection